The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast

98. How Envy And Jealousy Can Negatively Impact You And Your Marriage

October 11, 2022
The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast
98. How Envy And Jealousy Can Negatively Impact You And Your Marriage
Show Notes

We are bombarded from every conceivable angle portraying that if we don't have a certain lifestyle, car, money, marriage, house, or body,  then we cannot be happy.
The constant lies can build a lot of envy and jealousy if we allow it to do so. We see on social media that our friends are going on vacation, or they just bought a new house or car. Maybe their husband got promoted to a great job. Whatever is presented to us, we can begin to think "why don't I have that house, or why don't we travel to those places, or why is that not happening to me..." and because there is everything out there, something will hook us in.

What we don't see is behind the curtain. We don't see the debt people are in for that new car, or house. We see a mirage of things, but these mirages cause us to have envy and jealousy.

When we start down that path of getting jealous of someone, or envying what others have, it can slowly destroy you, and your relationship like a cancer. 
People with envy and jealousy often become resentful, ungrateful, and bitter and think they can't find happiness unless they achieve what others have, and even then they won't be fulfilled. 

In this episode, Nick and Amy discuss how jealousy and envy for others can destroy you and your marriage if you allow it to do so. We also share experiences we have had and things you can do to keep from allowing this to creep into your life. 

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