The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast

169. Tips To Have Amazing Communication With Your Spouse

June 27, 2023
The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast
169. Tips To Have Amazing Communication With Your Spouse
Show Notes

We talk about communication often, but there is a reason why. When couples contact us about issues they are dealing with in their relationship, or how they want to improve something, the first question we ask is "have to talked to your spouse?"
Almost every response the answer is "well no, I haven't." It is amazing how many couples can't and don't communicate how they are feeling for fear of rejection or having it cause an argument.
 We believe almost every issue can be resolved with good communication. In this episode, Nick and Amy talk about "how" to communicate, and the things couples can do do make their communication a lot better, and have a lot less conflict. There are some sarcastic and joking conversations in this episode, and we have some fun with them.
 Even if you feel you have good communication in your relationship, there are tips in this episode that will be greatly beneficial. This episode is a must listen for all couples looking to improve their marriage and communication.
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