The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast

179. 11 Very Important Things We Learned From Divorced Couples

August 01, 2023
The Ultimate Intimacy Podcast
179. 11 Very Important Things We Learned From Divorced Couples
Show Notes

After engaging in conversations with a lot divorced couples, many whom are relatives and friends, a common theme emerges: Many of them now have a deeper understanding of what went wrong in their relationship and what they could have done differently. They gained clarity on the factors that contributed to their divorce.

Interestingly, some of these individuals acknowledge that by making certain changes or adopting different approaches, their marriage could have not only survived but possibly  could have flourished.

It's important to recognize that in cases involving abuse, toxic behaviors, or addictions, divorce might be the necessary and only option. However, for many other couples that do not deal with these things, it was the accumulation of seemingly minor issues that eventually snowballed into bigger problems, ultimately leading to divorce.

In this episode, Nick and Amy share experiences and examples from divorced couples, providing valuable insights that can help you steer clear of these mistakes in your own marriage. By learning from their stories, you can create a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

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